Enno Schröder

Category: Article

Euro Area Imbalances: Measuring the Contribution of Expenditure Growth and Expenditure Switching

The article introduces a decomposition of trade flows that allows to measure expenditure-growth effects (changes in domestic and foreign final demand) and expenditure-switching effects (changes in the allocation of demand across domestic and…

Offshoring, Employment, and Aggregate Demand

The article uses a demand-constrained small-open-economy model in the tradition of Keynes and Kalecki to study the effects of offshoring on aggregate demand and domestic employment. Offshoring is represented as labor-saving import-using technical…

Spillover Effects of Germany’s Final Demand on Southern Europe

We calibrate a closed multi-country input-output model with data from the World Input-Output Database to predict spillover effects of Germany’s final demand on GDP, employment, and the trade balance in Southern European countries….